Planning & Development

Strategic Planning

Helping land and property owners, developers and local authorities to identify and capitalise on strategic planning opportunities, to unlock the potential value of their asset

Landscope specialises in the identification and development of land and property for future residential or commercial development. We have considerable experience in both assessing sites, building a case for inclusion to Local Authorities and strategic representation at regional level. The process of securing permission is complex and time-consuming. Our knowledge and experience helps to manage this and significantly improves outcomes.

Successful schemes have included allocation of land for development on the edge of expanding towns and villages, as well as infill, single house sites, agricultural dwellings and barn conversation. The majority started life as farmland or buildings – both in use and derelict. Our objective is to help you to turn under-utilised assets into valuable development opportunities and to protect the future value of your property.

Our planning and development services include:

  • Planning applications and appeals
  • Site appraisals
  • Local plan reviews
  • Site promotion
  • Strategic planning
  • Options agreements
  • Development design
  • Rights of way

How can we help you?

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