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Specialist Poultry Property Advice

Delivering expert planning advice to the Poultry Industry

Advice built on specialist experience

Unlike most Rural Practice Chartered Surveyors, Landscope has specialist knowledge and experience in advising on poultry property development, across the UK.

Get it right first time and save time

Gaining permission for new buildings on poultry farms or the change of use of existing buildings, requires specialist knowledge of poultry husbandry and management. Given the challenges of stringent regulations on pollution, odour and environmental concerns, which are specific to Poultry, choosing a planning consultant who understands your poultry enterprise is essential. Little is generally understood about the needs of on-farm poultry processing, whether regarding production premises and logistics, or killing, evisceration and on-farm retail.

Submitting your planning application itself is not necessarily difficult; successfully navigating these regulations and keeping third parties and stakeholders on board, is much riskier and more time consuming. It is significantly more effective and cost efficient for you to use the right advice from the start, rather than initiating a planning application without the benefit of that specialist knowledge and trying to bring a failing project back on track. Planning setbacks can lead to exponential production and sales delays.

We deliver a comprehensive range of planning consultancy services

To maximise the chance of your scheme being successful, we can help you throughout the planning process, in a number of ways:

  • Assessing your property for development and growth potential
  • Advising you on the process and best practice for planning applications
  • Carefully prepare and shepherd your application throughout the process, engaging with planning authorities and stakeholders to achieve a positive result
  • Representing you and your legal professionals in appeals as expert witness where applications have hit problems or you have received an enforcement notice from your local planning authority
  • Preparing valuations for sale, purchase, insurance claims and other purposes, based on strong industry knowledge

What makes Landscope the best choice for Poultry Business Owners?

At landscope, not only are we highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of property management and development, but we also have practical, hands-on experience of establishing, developing and running a poultry farming enterprise. A member of our team has grown up on family run poultry farm, which operates from field right through to plate.

In addition, we are recognised and used by Local Planning Authorities as Agricultural Experts in Poultry. We are experienced as Expert Witness in Public Inquiries, hearings and for compulsory purchase valuation.

How can we help you?

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