Equestrian Property Advice

Planning Appeals

Helping to gain planning permission when initial applications have been refused

The process of gaining planning permission is a complex and often tortuous process. If your application is refused, you have the option to take the application to appeal. The process of appealing is more complex and demanding than the original application and taking experienced, professional advice is highly recommended to significantly improve your chance of a positive outcome.

At Landscope we have significant experience at appeal – we have helped a number of clients to turn a refusal into permission through this process. From ideas still on paper, to buildings which have come under enforcement action, we have been able to help individuals and businesses to navigate the planning process successfully and secure their property developments.

Having assessed the site, identified the strengths and weaknesses of the original application and studied the officer’s report, we advise you on how likely it is that the application can win on appeal, in our professional opinion and potential routes forward to build a robust case. We represent you in discussion with planners and other third parties. If the case is called to an appeal hearing, we will represent you as an expert witness and will be subject to cross examination by the Inspector. We have experience at all levels of appeal, through to public inquiries and high court.

In addition to helping private individuals and equestrian businesses, Landscope is also recognised as expert in equestrian property, by a number of Local Planning Authorities across the Eastern and Midlands regions and are regularly brought in to provide independent witness on equestrian cases. This has allowed us huge insight into the thoughts and processes the Local Planning Officers and Inspectors use when assessing applications and as result we can improve outcome at appeal.

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