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Working with property owners, farmers and rural businesses to maximise the value and use of your land and property in the short and longer term

Farms and other rural based businesses require planning permission for a range of developments, from meeting the day to day needs of the business, such as new farm barns to longer term, strategic initiatives such as dwellings and buildings to house new enterprises.

Recent changes to Permitted Development Rights have opened up greater possibilities for diversification and new agricultural dwellings, particularly in rural and on-farm settings.

At Landscope we have a wealth of experience and a strong track record of success in gaining planning permission for a wide range of developments, new and existing, across a range of different businesses and homes. These include:

  • New farm houses
  • Farm workers dwellings
  • Change of use of barns for business or domestic use
  • Veterinary facilities
  • New farm barns
  • Hard standing areas
  • Farm entrances
  • Equestrian facilities and dwellings

Navigating the planning system can be a tortuous and time-consuming process. From assessing the full potential of the building or site, developing the case, preparing and submitting the application, through the shepherding process, gaining support from all 3rd parties, through to negotiating the final detail with the Local Planning Authority, we use our expertise and experience to get the very best outcome for you.

In addition, if you have received an enforcement notice, we advise you on your best course of action and help negotiate with the local planning authority. If your application has been refused, we have the skills and experience to help you.

In addition to meeting the needs of private clients, Landscope is also recognised as expert by a number of Local Planning Authorities across the Eastern and Midlands regions and are regularly brought in to provide independent witness. This has allowed us huge insight into the thoughts and processes the Local Planning Officers and Inspectors use when assessing applications and as result we are confident that our applications are the highest possible standard.

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