Expert Witness

Providing expert agricultural, environmental or equestrian advice and opinion, to build a strong legal case to support planning issues

Getting planning right first time is always the best route for your development. However when applications are refused or unauthorised development is challenged by the Local Planning Authority the need for expert advice is greatest.

When a planning application goes wrong or when enforcement action by councils occurs, you or your legal representatives may well require additional expert advice, support and representation to help turn the situation around. If your application has been refused, it may be appealed or resubmitted, with a stronger case built to support it and improve the outcome. Enforcement can be resolved, mitigated and offset to avoid legal action

At Landscope we are experienced in expert witness in a range of fields within Planning and Property Development/Management:

  • Agriculture - agricultural tied dwellings, barn conversions, additional specialism in poultry production
  • Development land - for housing and commercial uses
  • Equestrian development, both commercial and domestic – equestrian tied dwellings, equestrian
  • facilities (stables, barns, maneges etc)
  • Fisheries
  • Environmental resources – Agricultural Land Classification, EIA, soils, water management
  • Compulsory purchase, including road, pipelines and cable
  • Rights of way access
  • Renewable energy proposals

We can support and represent you, or your legal representative, in various ways:

  • Preparation of case
  • Written evidence
  • Attendance at hearings, public inquiries, committees, parish councils and examination in public
  • Presentation at planning hearings, public inquiries and arbitrations, subjected to cross examination in public
  • Analysis of case and planning for resolution

How can we help you?

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