Local Planning Authorities

Equestrian Development Appraisals

Advising Planning Authorities on equestrian applications to help determine whether there is justification for development on the basis of planning policy.

Horses are a significant and important feature of rural life in the UK, providing pleasure and profit potential to individuals and communities. Whether for pleasure, competing or business, they are an investment of time and money and quite unlike any other livestock to manage.

The equestrian market has grown significantly across the UK and is now a massive and highly lucrative industry. This has led to the growth in demand for equestrian planning and development, spanning private yards, riding schools, equestrian centres, livery yards, breeders, trainers, competition yards and equine veterinary practices.

In turn, Local Planning Authorities have established planning policy to allow for justifiable development. Diversification applications are regularly submitted in rural areas, demonstrating an essential need for development and justification against that policy framework.
Planning officers don’t necessarily feel sufficiently qualified or knowledgeable, to establish whether the case put forward is factually correct and therefore meets the criteria for development on the basis of their Authority’s stated equestrian policy.

At Landscope we have significant experience of property planning and development across a range of equestrian systems – both private and commercial. We can help Planning Officers to assess individual applications, deliver a robust decision on whether to grant permission or not and any conditions they would be advised to place on approval.

To do this we review the application and supporting documentation, visit the site, meet with the applicants and their agent, review any supporting financial/business planning documents and then write a comprehensive report assessing the application against your Planning Authority’s equestrian policy and any relevant national frameworks.

Schemes involve planning approval for a range of facilities, in which we have knowledge and experience and may include and of the following:

  • Equestrian dwellings
  • Stable yards
  • Feed storage barns
  • Manѐges or open air arenas
  • Indoor and covered arenas
  • Horse walkers
  • Yard receptions/offices
  • Trailer/lorry parking areas
  • Cross country courses

Our experience has taken us into a wide range of equestrian properties and commercial enterprises from private yards, through farm diversification schemes such as cross country/chaser courses, livery yards, riding schools, polo yards, hunt kennels and multi-facility equestrian centres, to the development of equine veterinary facilities and large scale horse racing yards and studs.

You may encounter applications from any of these types of businesses or individuals. If you need the support of a specialist equestrian adviser, we have the skills and experience to help.

How can we help you?

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